-spring time xD n a lil holiday xD


uiiiiiiiiiii...holidays *jump* We did egg hunting in school today That was a lot of fun hehe... thanks Mr. G

I also got my report card over the weekend which was quiet good... there was a lot of excellent and good on it...good was the "worst" mark hehe xD Yeah... it was about five pages long... besides of that everythingis alright I am goingto go to sandra tomorrow C ya xxxxx n...have nice easter holidays


uh....i just love my holidays I was at Sandras from thursday to saturday n we met kev...just chilled, went 2 the cinema, 2 town and out for a walk and stuff like that... i really did feel like i was in holidays... but i still feel like that hehe xD Yesterday I went with Tony and Barb to Darren because he invited us for a barbecue...that was good besides of this guy hahaa... poor Darren because everybody left because of him...never mind...he was just talking and talking and on about the same stuff the whole time...that was really tiring...and he was not even quiet...he talked really loud the whole time...yeah... besides of that I just read my papers and did a little bit of my art work...

I walked into town today and met Henry...we just walked around, I got some lunch and now I am sitting in the internet-cafe and I am about to walk home in about 2 min...we will see I am gonna phone with my parents and Sandra later, going to meet Annia and Maria tomorrow and going away with Sandra and her mum from wednesday to I will have lovely holidays Hope you have them, too. C you soon xxxx

19.04.2006 is me again,,.,my holidays are over and I cannot believe how fast it went...where is the time...truly...I have no idea... it is worrying me now, after a time...I mean I have "just" about two months left...on the one hand I will be really happy to go home again but on the other hand I will be sad... but yeah... I really donno where the time is because everything seems to fly... and I have so much to do that I do not know where to start loool...but the good thing is that I started with sport again...yeah... this week I just forced myself to it loool...I do not want to do it like it was...and now is the perfect time because I also start with my action plan in my pe coursework, so I can follow it and do not have do imagine anything in the end and can write what I truly feel about it Never mind... my holidays are over and also my holidays with Sandra and her mum...we have seen nice places...I really liked Cambridge and Bath ...I think that they look really nice... we have also been to York, Oxfort and Brisol. I put some photos in here orput some links in here so that you can see them when I have them on cd Some look mad hahaa... but just with Sandra and me on it Never mind...oh yeah... and the weather was really lovely It is really nice and warm since about two weeks... no rain I also got sunburned...twice hehe Never mind But I really do like this weather

Besides of that I met some friends, chilled and did some stuff for school...but not much xD Like it is...I just enjoyed them Now... I cannot believe it but it is like it is... I have just about four or five weeks of school and then half-term again...but before that I have to write my exams...unfortunately I have a lot to do and can start revising from now on... never mind

Hope you are alright and wherever you are, enjoy your time


Oh my lord... school is sometimes so hilarious hehe... it was so funny some minutes agao...besides of that I should do my pe coursework now... or just the warm up and the cool down and the effects on the vascular system...but when I am serious... I cannot be bothered to do it hehe That is not very good, I know... or I could do art or whatsoever but yeah... that is me... you can say that I am a little bit lazy in the moment... but I mean, it depends on the other hand because I have started to study for Pe...yeah, I actually have loool xD ...but although I have started I have the feeling like I have to less time and that I will never know anyhting although it is still about or actually exactly four weeks until our exam... I donno

Besides of all the school stuff I have to do, I do a lot of sport in the moment which is actually quiet good and I wanted to start the whole time now was the perfect time because we have to do an action plan for pe I am going to the cinema later, and Barbs birthday is tomorrow... we will go out in the evening... to an indian restaurant on bristol road... we will see And I might go to the gym tomorrow... I will also go swimming on sunday... and I might phone with Sebastian tonight, depending whether he rings or not... but he said he will so we will see... besides of that I have not much to say because there is not a lot going on in the moment It is just absolutely astonishing how fast the time flies by in the moment... I seriously cannot really believe it... and my mum is coming over in four weeks *jumpjoy**excitement* we will see... I am gonna say goodbye for today and hope you all have got a lovely weekend

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