-another exciting month looool-spring


Uhh... we have such a nice weather in the moment... yeah... and now we have weekend... hm... what did I do in the last days? I went shopping on wednesday hee#he Yesterday just school and homeworks and today I went with Hol and Leanne to town... yeah... and after that to the hair-dressers... nothing special... we will see what is going on on the weekend hehe xD


loool... donno why exactly but it seems like a long time ago since I wrote the last time loool... oh gosh... today is the day where our teachers are getting our exam results xD Don't worry be happy loool... but I cannot... they can keep my English stuff.. in the moment I have the feeling that I have to repeat it anyway... and PE... I just donno... at first I thought that it is going to be good but after what Mrs. Syemour just told us on monday I am not so sure anymore and they can keep it, too... awwwwwwwwwww....

Hm... never mind was your weekend? Mine was fab Sandra came on saturday and we went to town-shopping- or just Sandra Whatever loool... after that we went home...because of her stuff and went to the cinema, bought our tickets and just went around the block loool. We watched 'Music& Lyrics' at quater past six... it was actually alright but sometimes I felt more like I am in a concert hehe xD After that we went to 'Angel Chef'...yummi... that is so fab I love this food hehe xD It is chinese... and it was just gorgeous xD hehe... we just sat there until about eleven o'clock I think... and had to walk home because we missed the last bus... but it was fab So we came home at about half twelve loool xD

On Saturday we did not want to get up hehe xD After we got ready we went outside but missed the bus and then walked about one hour... in the rain!!! Really nice.. loool... and when we came to town with an our delay we just went to Starbucks and stayed there about one hour. After that Sandra and me went home... so I did nothin special anymore... I made my homeworks, phoned with my parents and watched telly... hope you had a good weekend, too...and have had a nice weekend?!

So...with what else are you up to? I am so tired now... loool... I was so tired after school yesterday because I had my badminton exam- practical exam- and we played two hours without a break really... so I was just like... is there anybody who want to carry me home xD hehe xD So... I did nothing special over the day... watched telly and then the electricity went off for about two hours and I was just sitting there with candlelight, was writing a letter to my best friend and was listening to music lool xD Had nothing better to do What else will you do when you have no electricity hehe xD

After the electricity went on again I watched telly and phoned Andy but he still was not at home again hehe xD He phoned back and we phoned about three and half an hour... gosh... that was mad hehe xD I ams o tired now... because I only slepc four and half an hour... never mind Yeah... in some min I am gonna have break and after that I have another two free lessons where I have to do my PE coursework because the deadline is on friday and when I carry on like in the last days... I will never finish it loool xD

so... do you do anything nice on the weekend? I am going to London on saturday and meet Andy. That is going to be great fun loool xD Yeah... and I have to do my whole art-stuf.f.. my nice personal investigation loool... so there will be not much time elsewhere I better go now hehe xD C you soon

Oh... and the weather is really nice in the moment... I have to admit It is really like it is going to be summer, soon Really nice


Me again how are you? I am alright... my foot is still a little bit hurting but that will be alright, soon... I am just so stupid hehe... never mind So what are you up to? I am getting a little bit bored because it is already my fourth free lesson and I cannot really be bothered to do my PE coursework... I know... naughty girl loool... that is me xD What else is there to say? My weekend was good. After school on friday I have to admit I did not do anything special... just art in the evening... so nothing really interesting... on saturday then I had to get up early because I had to take my bus to London at five to eight... yer... you have heared right... Danielle got up at about six!!!! loool...incredible, is it not so...I was at about eleven o'clock in London and had then to wait for Andy who missed his train... never mind^^

So...I spent the whole day in London on saturday... it was kinda funny... and the weather was gorgeous. We had a lot of fun... we did nothing special... just walked around... to Harrods, to Kensington ( but not on purpose) and Piccadilly and stuff like that. So I was home at about eleven o'clock because I took the bus at about eight at Victoria and Tony picked me up from town later. I was so tired you cannot believe it I need my beauty sleep Just kidding But that is what I did on sunday then loool... I really need it Besided of my beauty sleep I just did art on sunday because the Deadline was on monday... and I phoned my parents in the evening... but that was already it- not really exciting.

On Monday then I had just one hour of school which was art because we went to Bath, to the university with school on monday. That was really itneresting because I have absoloutely no idea what I am gonna do later... never mind I met Sandra there and we walked around... and later with Maria... in the end we just sat outside... and came homea little bit earlier before school ends That was good loool... I also felt asleep in the bus :D I told ya I was tired hehe

I went with Maria to town and we just ate something and talked... then I went home, watched a bit of telly and went with Krystl and Barb to Polash. Gosh... it was awesome but after that I felt like I am pregnant... I did not want to walk anymore hehe That was a day when we came home I just watched telly, read a bit and went to bed...

On thursday it was school again... luckily I had the last two lessons free so that I went home quickly and came back to school. I met Maria in town and we both went back then because we should had been in school at about quarter past five because we drove to Malvern College which is one of the best in the country... very posh I can tell ya loool... we all had the feeling like we were in Hogwarts xD It just looks similar Yeah... so... we went there because of a revision-evening in PE... it was alright but I was jyst so tired... I was home at about eleven... that was really damn crazy... why cannot they just do it in the afternoon? Never mind...

Yesterday I just had school and went to town after that so nothing special N today... we should have another fitness-test like last friday today, in lunchtime but Mr. King is not here.... that is what we heared... so there won't be one... oh je... n Kay is coming in we will see... I am gonna be alone with her because Maria is ill... hehe...tomorrow we are going to have -red-nose-day./.. that is going to be great fun I am very excited about that... especially about lunch-time ))) You are gonna see so..I will finish now xxxxxx


Red nose day :DD Oh...some people just look awesome


Oh gosh...where is the time loool...99 days left...that is donno what to say lool xD Time flies by...I tell ya. Uh... and we have only about one and half a week of school left and then are easter holidays yeah...i am excited... donno what to say really... i had my swimming-exam this week which was good I think and I met Sandra in town yesterday-but just for about one hour. She was in Gloucester because she passed her driver's licence-good gilr But it was just her theory-test Congratulations xD we met each other and talked a bit... that was nearly it...billy and George where at ours the whole week and yeah... did some school stuff. I might meet Dionne tomorrow and besides of that I have a lot to do with school...we will see Yeah... that is all from me now Oh yeah... and Kay is coming later wish you a nice weekend


Oh gosh...what have I done in the last time... I have not so much time to explain...I met Dionne and I went with her, Lorna, Dana and so on to her was amazing... Iloved it because it was so different which might also have been because it was a baptist church...but it was really great...  and I also went to Cheltenham to  look for a dress for the summer ball  and went with Maria to the cinema-we watched Mr. Bean's holiday...this was a really  good film And yeah... I really had a lot to do with school...that was it mainly...

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