So...why did I go to Berlin? I think it was about four month ago when the head of tenth asked Maria and me if we would like to go with him to Berlin. It was an history-trip because they study the second world war in the moment and he asked as if we would like to come with him as translators...just for some stuff- we had have nothing to pay either... and Maria and I said that we would love to come with him and that is why I went to Berlin. There were 34 students from the 10th class, Mr. Nye...the history teacher who organised it, Mrs F. (gosh... I always forget her name...) and Mr. Buckler who is Mr. Nye's best mate and also my art teacher who went with us...and also...not to forget and two of the most important persons on this trip, too, the two coach drivers- Dave and Paul. We had have so much fun it was brilliant and one of the best trips I have ever been at.

On saturday my hostdad brought me and Maria to school at about half twelfe. At quater to one we left school and took the ferry at about five ...I think. We took the ferry from Dover to Calais. In Dover we also changed drivers which spent the rest of the trip with us-Dave and Paul-they were just great. On Sunday we came at about half eight to the hotel. was a long journey...but that is life loool xD It was less worse than I thought it would be. It was alright... we also watched Spongebob...what was kinda funny...but hey One of our teachers bought it in a service station while the way to Berlin. Everybody was crazy about this film xD hehe

After we arrived we ate something and went straight to town. Our hotel was some minutes away from the Alexanderplatz but because we had our coach drivers it had never been a problem...but this was the only time our teacher wanted to take the tram so they just brought us to Alex n we took the train to Zoo. There we had the opportunity to go in groups of three and four around the Kuhdamm. Maria n I went with our teachers... we just went to the mall n drunk something and after a time there were some others of us coming, too. It was so funny... oh...I love our teachers... they are so great and I really do have to say that we spent such a wonderful time with them in Berlin -it was brilliant. They are one of the most brilliant teachers I have ever met. They are so funny and you can just sit with them somewhere and have so much fun. I would never ever even think about to sit with a german teacher on a table or making jokes the whole time...but with them... it was such a wonderful time.
After that and when we met back we all went to McDonalds... that was quiet funny... have you ever been to McDonalds with about 41 people? Hilarious xD How they looked at us when we told them how many meals we would like to have hehe xD
We went to the zoo after lunch-time...yeah... how long hadn't I been to the zoo... and to the aquarium.... Maria and I just went the whole time with our teacher thru it and it was great. was so fun because I said the whole time that Mr. Nye was more like a daddy because when you said that you are hungry or thursty he just bought something in the next minute xD Oh yeah... besides of this day... there were a lot of snow in Berlin on this day... it looked so nice ...but it seems to be the first and last day... but hey... never mind
After the zoo and the aquarium and after we met back we went back to the hotel because it was such a long journey and had our tea back in hotel. On this evening quiet a lot of our people went early to bed because they were so tired... what I really do understand. Maria and I spent the rest of the evening downstairs with our teachers and the coach-drivers. Gosh did we have much fun xD Mr. Buckler tought us a new card game and it was just so funny. Donno how long we sat there. I just know that I was absolutely tired when I went to bed and that I fall asleep in some minutes.

On monday then we went to the Reichstag and to the Berlin-gate and to the Holocaust-Monumental. Haha...we had to make those security-checks when we entered the Reichstad. was so hilarious because they noticed that we are a group of english people so they spopke english with me, too. I mean how should they have known that I am german..but that is not the point. After my bag went thru the security-checks this security-guard looked at me and said to me (in english): " I put you a spray in your bag." I just thought: "What the hell is he talking about?" and looked at him confusingly... so that he repeated it... and then I just said to him in german :,,what is wrong?" and tran

slated he said to me: " you have got a spray in your bag"...yeah... that was true because it is my asthma spray...gosh... i just thought what is going on hehe xD I did not know what he was talking about at first... it confused me xD

slated he said to me: " you have got a spray in your bag"...yeah... that was true because it is my asthma spray...gosh... i just thought what is going on hehe xD I did not know what he was talking about at first... it confused me xD


slated he said to me: " you have got a spray in your bag"...yeah... that was true because it is my asthma spray...gosh... i just thought what is going on hehe xD I did not know what he was talking about at first... it confused me xD


While we were going back we were seeing the people which wear silver clothes and with whom you can make photos... so we did some of them and then took the coach to town were we had our lunch at Subway *yummi* and went to the television-tower. Gosh...we were so lucky on this day because the view from the televison-tower was just great. After that we catched the coach to the area where Checkpoint-Charlie is where we looked at the rests of the wall. It was very interesting but thus we did so much on this day we just had about twenty minutes which was far to less. Then we went back to the hotel where we had our tea. After tea we went ice-skating. was hilarious but really funny and good, too. My art teacher who was with us asked me if I can teach him a little bit of skating and I was correcting him the whole time... one time I said that it looked like crap loool...he said that he felt so down in this moment and that he learned something from it- he said he will never ever again say to a student that his work is crap because he does know now how it feels like loool.... it was not even on purpose that I said it loool...but hey...when he knows what I mean... I do not mind when he has learned something from it... but it was really funny... and hey... in the end he was much better than in the beginning... But yeah... it was great.

We went to the Olympia stadium on thurday... we had access to the VIP-area, saw the changing-rooms and stuff like that and had this guided tour where she told us about the history and what they changed on the stadium and all this stuff. It was really interesting. After that we had lunch in a karaoke-bar...oh was so hilarious... but it was great...but even I had to sing :-[ ;D I do not know how it sounded like but unfortunately my teacher recorded it so I will have to listen to it one day :/ :D ...and everybody else....loooooool
After that we went to Checkpoint-Charlie... we had too less time again...but hey... I think you can stay there for about one day...there is just too much to see...but it was vey interesting.
In the evening we went to an ice-hockey-match of the Berliner Eisbaeren and Nürnberger Tigers... that was pretty good and the ice bears won 6:3 in the end xD yeah  ;D looool...our english girls just screamed the whole time...tackle him...go on you fad ass... haha... gorgeous xD

On wednesday we went to the jewish museum and had valentine's lunch..., I even had a valentine's date... Mr. Nye hahaaaa xD was really funny... and two of the boys gave every girl a chocolate-heart so cute xD Besides of that Mr. Nye got sweets, a card where everybody signed on and a jacket from the berlin ice bears from us because he organised the whole trip and to say thank you to him because we had such a great time.
After lunch we drove to the concentration camp which was really sad and shocking... but yeah...I also have to say that there where some really shocking situations... I only mention Ross and Tom who thought to see a ghost, Ross which I scared ( not on purpose... I just went around the corner) to death and also Tom who scared Kristie and me to death because he turned the light off ( I could have killed him for that because it was as somebody has closed the door) .

I can really say that this was a day with up and downs: sad, really nice, really sad and shocking with disbelieve and when we were in the coach everything was alright again after some minutes until Mr. Buckler told all people... some few of us know it already... that he will leave school and will go with his family to africa... so...again... some people began to cry which was going on until the evening... I have never seen anybody in my entire life crying because a teacher is going to leave... that was wow... donno was really strange but I can understand it because they are just so different-they are so great.
In the evening...after we had tea in our hotel we went bowling... it was so great... we stayed there about three hours and we all had so much fun... I had to laugh the whole time hehe xD In the end I did even play at approximately three lanes looool xD Oh gosh... and because I played on about three lanes I had the feeling like my wrist...or even more my fingers won't work anymore in some minutes xD hehe

On thursday then we had to pack our stuff, brought them to the coach...went for some hours to town and then took the coach to drive home again... yeah... they arrived on friday in England and my parents picked me up on thursday, on a service-station near Venlo...because I spontaneously went home for some days...because I have half-term anyway...

I really have to say that Berlin was a great time and I have never thought about it being such a great time because it was really strange at first because they were all 14, 15 years old, then Maria and me and our teachers and the coach drivers... so there was a difference.. but thus that those teachers in England are so different we had so much fun and even spent the evenings with them and stuff like that. It was lovely. And it was also that we spent time with the other ones after a day... they were all so lovely and we had have absolut no problems... it was just a great time and I was a bit sad when it ended... but hey...nothing can last forever, ai?!



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