-Another trip xD


From 2day 2 2moro half of my year is over...just unbelievable how fast the time goes by...


just thought that u should write again n before i go 2 berlin yeah xD i dont feel so good in the moment cuz i get a cold... i ve a sore throat n all this stuff which is not very nice...but dont worry... hopefully it ll be fine, soon... i ll go to asdas in some min n buy some medicine... but yeah... what have u done in the last days? i had lots 2 do with school... i didnt know where my head was, sometimes.. on the weekend i went 2 town after school, on friday, with leanne n maria n after that maria n i went 2 the cinema...we saw "notes on a scandal"..the film wasnt so good, but hey... i thought it ll be good but after we watched it i wasnt even sure that i did know what is goin on in this film, but hey...dont mind...that is life hehe xD n saturday then i also went with her 2 gl1 n we played badminton... it was hilarious...but anyway...thx 4 playin xD looool... on the rest of the weekend i just did homeworks n watched telly... i really had a lot 2 was amazin... donno what is goin on with our teachers in the moment... but hey...there r only 2 days of school left cuz i am goin 2 berlin on saturday n i am very happy bout this hehe xD hope n think that we re goin 2 have a lot of fun i am excited hehe xD

hm...what else... did anythin special happened? here is nothin new... so yeah... dont do anythin special 2day...hopefully i ll sleep better than last was horrific... n i ve 2 text annia 2nite... hopefully i wont forget it... i mean i set a reminder but u all know how it is, dont ya no... i ve to get on with my work experience loool...but we ll see... yeah... n after berlin i ve half-term... very happy bour that, 2 that we ll go 2 oxfort n stuff like that... but we ll see... wish ya a nice time guys n hope u ll have a lot of fun c ya in some days or weeks xD looool... oh yeah... n english was quiet funny but i was a bit shocked yesterday.. what were those nice questions??!! is denmark in germany? oh only does sound german... it is next 2 dutch, isnt it? alriiiiiiiiiiiiiight... no comment


So...until yesterday I was in Berlin with school...all about that can you read in "Berlin" is great. Now I am at home which was really spontanous... until wednesday where I will fly back. We will see So..what are you up to_ Which war also really nice and what I did not write before was that we had snow in England... it was just one day but it looked really pretty and it was really nice


Hey ya... gosh...carnival was amazing No...I really did have so much fun... it was great... and tomorrow I am going back to England... last week when I came I could not have waited to go back to England... I think it was because we did have so much fun in Berlin... it was just brilliant... but now... I did have such a wonderful time over the last days... and gosh... I just love it Hm... I was with my friends in town and we did make party... I mean it was carnival... and that is party-time hehe... was great fun

Hm...what else did I do? I did some stuff with my parents and today Marina came... gosh loool... at first she did not come... haha... my mum was shocked because normally she always comes... but never mind... after her mum called her she came hehe xD It was great fun Yeah... and tomorrow is my last day and then I will spent the last four months in England...

I am so excited what is going to happen when I am back...and to Stefan: You will not catch meeeeeeeeee Just try it hehe xD Gosh...everybody makes me crazy hahaaaa Never mind

Hm...what else can I say? I just can add again that I did have such a wonderful time and I will miss ya all in the next four month... it was great and that I love you a lot guys and that I will miss ya :-* Hope you will have a wonderful time and party for me, too :D

Oh gosh... and can you tell me why I have a catching tune? It is a beautful day, it is a beautiful morning... I am coming home... hm... when I think about it, only half of it is true...


So...the last day of this month... damn it... this went really really fast... donno because it was because I was in Berlin and then home...carnival and all this stuff or why? I mean it was just three days shorter than the other ones loool...but never mind So... what did I do in the last days (since I am back)???

On Thursday I did hardly nothing... I cannot even really remember what I did, when I am serious looool xD I know that I unpacked my bag but besides of that loool... on friday then I got up early... more or less... because I missed the first bus I wanted to take looool... so... yeah... I went to Stroud to meet Sandra again. She picked me up at about half elven... at the bus stop. We then went home, talked a bit and then she had her first two driving lessons. Gosh... it was funny... I was a bit scraed in the beginning because she stopped so hard and was sometimes just too much on the left side loool ( she just thought the whole time not to be so far on the right side ) ...but in the end she drove quiet well... I was not so scared anymore and could relax loool xD

We came home at about four o' clock, talked, ate (like on the whole weekend heheee... it is not my fault Sandra xD :-*) and went bowling at about seven o' clock... yeah... that was great fun. There were Sandra, me, Kev, Natalie, Pippa, As n I forgot the oher girl's name... something with a T... yeah... never mind. We finished at about half nine and then stayed the rest until ten also in this hall where the bowling alley's are because Kev's father picked us up at ten. Sandra and me played such a dance-game... gosh... that was hilarious xD hehe Yeah... so after this Kev's father brought us home... and Sandra forgot her umbrellas loool...hope you have them back hun Or should I say... Jean's hehehe :D Never mind

Yeah... I think we went to bed at about two or three o'clock loool... it was late... I texted with Kev and we watched telly... so many different stuff loool...and talked but not so much like everytime hehe xD Yeah... I thin we got up at about half eleven loool on saturday just ate something and Sandra needed ages to get ready hehe xD Never mind hun Yeah and we met Kev at about half two and went to the bowling hall which took us about 40 min...or something like that... I do not really know how long it took us... but it takes about this time... but does not really matter... we just sat and talked, played pool loool...I had not been played it since ages hehe... oh yeah... and we did this dance-thing again loool xD After that we walked back... think we were back at about five o'clock... I actually wanted to go home some min loool but we talked about 'music& lyrics' and then decided to go to the cinema this evening so I stayed one day longer... in the end this film was not even on in the cinema loool...but never mind... we watched dirty dancing 2 because i had not seen it (gosh... it is good and i love the music ), ate something and the took the last bus at 19:25 to town. loool... When we stood at the bus stop we noticed that our film would not be on tonight... so we went in the film 'the school of scoundrels'...or something like that... do not ask me... it was not that good loool... so...we bought the tickets when we came there and went to McDonals then loool...gosh... it was hilarious... and I hope Sandra that Craig is not the matter anymore loool...she has to tell me on friday hehe... yeah... and then we went to the cinema and watched the film which was on at twenty to nine...

After the film we walked home... do not ask me how long we took... I think about one and half an hour loool... we stopped at tescos because Sandra wanted to buy something but it was closed so we came on this funny idea to make some pictures loool...gosh... it was so hilarious... but they are great hehe xD The people must thought that we are crazy... I mean we are but... never mind hehe... oh yeah... and we stopped at a bus stop because the rain was so strong and just sat there about half an hour and talked looool xD That was funny... I thought we were home at about twenty past twelve looool... yeah... and then ate something again, talked and all this stuff...

donno how long we slepf on sunday... just were at home, talked and Sebastian came around at about half one loool... now I know what makes Sebastians life out loool... jokes about blondes... but never mind... yeah... that is what I tought loool... hm.. yeah... Collin and Sandra brought me to the bus stop at about half three then and I was home at about half five...then I did nothing special... like the last days... school started again on monday and that was it... oh yeah... and I go shopping today xD hehe

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