-wish u all a happy new year


Sooo...what did i do...on new year i was at sebis at first jac came at ten o' clock...that was crazy... both know that she was at my house until three o'clock...then i did nothin special n later i went 2 stefan were also maria was n later we went 2 sebi...yeah... that was it...there we stayed with lots of other people until two o' clock n then i went 2 my godfathers house were a lot of other people were.... it was quiet funny n i think we were at about six o' clock at home...that is why i slept until three n did not sleep from monday 2 tuesday...this was also quiet funny cuz i spoke the whole night 2 my mum...but it was really good the rest of tuesday i packed my stuff, did homeworks n mary was there... yeah... n on tuesday then i flew in the mornin... now i have school... it begun on wednesday... n everythin is like before... so nothin special besides of lots 2 do 4 school...


Hey r u? Hope u r fine... I am ok...have some probs with my knees in the moments... but I hope that it ll be alright soon... hm.. but anyway... what do u do in the moment? I have a lot 2 do with school cuz I wrote a mock-exam in pe 2day...but I have 2 say that I did not do anything really 4 it... loool... I mean it is just a mock ...but I think it was good... but I ll see it in about one half an hour cuz our teacher said that we could come during lunch n collect those... so I ll see Yeah... n besides of my lovely mock exam loool xD I ll wirte my english exa,m on thursay U can say i am a bit scared about it hehe... donno really but i am a bit stupid n haven't really revised something until now... everytime the same... n then... what did my english teacher said 2 me some minutes ago? I have 2 follow the traditions n have 2 write an A in my exam cuz all the german students before did it... ok...everythin is alright... donno how 2 achive that n what she thinks but oooooooooooooookay... i am soooo calm hehe xD No...I really donno what she is thinkin... arrrrrgh... it really scares me guys... cuz I know that I am not goin to write an A!!! What did Shivani said? No pressure Danielle xD pressure...  yeah... besides of that there is nothin really...

Hm...what did i do in the past days? Over the weekend... i revised a bit n also met Astrid in town on sunday. this was great n we had a lot of fun. love talkin 2 her ...i think it is because we understand each other well n she does not cover anythin n says what she thinks... i mean... i do not have 2 know what people think the whole time but do u know how i mean it? It is just that i hate it when u ask people something n they say it is nothin or do not tell u the truth? donno how 2 describe it...but it does not really matter loool xD yeah... but what i wanted 2 say is...that we have had a lot of fun it was good but unfortunately it was the last time i see her in the next half year cuz she is going home on the 27 of january... but luckily she lives in cologne so that we can see each other when i am back n that is the good thing but it is a bit sad... n until then she has a lot 2 we all... she because she is going home n does want 2 do a lot n i cuz of my exams e.g. ... yeah... we ll see... so i have a lot 2 do...n have 2 study the next 2 days for my exam on thursday n then on thursday doin my artwork grrrrr... yeah... destiny i would say hehe xD

no...i think it ll be alright yeah... i ll go now cuz i have lunch in about ten minutes... luv ya looooooooots guys n c ya soon



I am so worried about 2morrow... cuz i am goin 2 write my english exam in english literature... wish me the best luck guys... i really do need it :D

hm...what else can i say? got my pe mock-exam back yesterday n it was a C... that is good cuz i did not do anythin... but i mean... i does not matter cux it does not count...the real one is on the 22nd of i do not worry until now... i really do worry about 2morrow hehe i can start 2 worry about pe when the weekend is near luv ya lots an wish me the best luck 4 2morrow


Oh...u should have seen my face yesterday... wicked... no, it wasnt... after i left the art room it was just red...overall red... donno y... probably cuz i was so stressed cuz of my english exam... really cannot say how it was or what i might get cuz i do not want 2 trust my feelings in english anymore loool...sometimes i thought it was alright or good n then it was crap n sometimes i thought it was alright or crap n it was good... so donno...i would say that it was alright... i could have done better but i could have done much more worse... so...i really donno... n i donno when we ll get it back... so i ll just wait n see what happens... but i am so glad i wrote it now... u cannot believe but i really hope that i do not have 2 repeat it... i mean, if it is worse... but now... just do not want to think about it...

so...i have english now... lets see what mam is gonna say loool xD yeah... what else...just wanted 2 wish u a happy weekend...have lots of fun... i am gonna go 2 the cinema 2day, with maria n we gonna see 'the pursuit of happiness'... i am excited loool xD was funny in the mornin... becky went n said the whole day... who has b-day on the day when the exams ll end? on the 29th of january? do u know anybody? n i said no... n she said... i thought i know somebody, but i dont know...


Hey ya... it is me again... who else lool... what did ya do the last days? i did nothin really... on friday i went with maria 2 the cinema... after school i went at first 2 the internetcafe cuz maria n i wanted 2 meet at 4 4 boots... yeah... n cuz i had the sixth lesson free i went there... but before that a little bit shoppin got a new handbag, stuff 4 my hair, a nice white-silver scarf n 2 tops... yeah... at 4 then i met her 4 boots, we went a bit in town n then went 2 poppins cuz we were hungry...after that we went 2 the cinema 2 see 'The pursuit of happyness'... oh man... that was it... we sat there about 40min until the film finallt started... donno what went on... but i know that it went on my nerves loool xD

yeah... when the film finally did start... i was so glad hehe... this film was kinda good... but really sad... n even more sad when u think about as a real situation cuz it based on a real story... but was good hm...what did i do on the rest of the weekend... nothin really... watched telly, wrote letters, phoned with my parents... n yeah... nothin really loool....n here is nothin really new.... oh... in 2 weeks is my b-day... i do not really feel like it... hehe... we;ll see... donno...


hey ya... what did you do? yesterday when i came back home my hostmum told me that she bought "the bodyguard" u know this film? it is wicked... no,.... it is soo lovely... we watched it directly after the weekest link n the news i really like this film but more... i love the songs no... but it was so funny... n when they played those songs my hostmum was sitting on the couch n was singin so loudly, it was so funny hehe... dear oh dear... she was so confused or i donno what, yesterday... at first we were sittin there n she asked me what is the date when i fly home n whether it is the 28th? n i said no... n oh dear... u should have seen her face... it was cuz she really did think that i ll fly on this day n she n tony booked a flight 2 turkey on this day... then she thought i would go on the 6th or 8th 2 berlin.. but i go on the 10th... oh dear... n then she said somethin... n now i am confused... we were talkin about my stuff... donno really why...but cuz i have so much n then she said 2 me how i ll get this home... n i said that i thought about sendin some stuff home from berlin n then she said oh no... ur parents can take some stuff with them, cant then... n i donno if she said when they r here or not... but anyway... hey... my parents arent comin... r they?!i am confused... n some min later when we were sittin on the couch she asked me whether i ll see my mum when i am in berlin n i said no n she said...oh...that is what i thought some min ago... but it sounds ridiculous... but on the other hand then... i cannot image, or no... i really do not think that my parents ll come over my b-day...cuz of the money n all this stuff, u know? but it really confused me... oh... i donno anyhting... but who cares... hm... so what ll ya do on the rest of the day? i have art after this free lesson, lunch, pe n free n ll study this afternoon n phone with sandra...proberbly... donno...yeah..  that is what i ll do... so nothin special... n there r no new news... so yeah... donno xD i am just a bit bored cuz i have 20 min left n no idea what 2 do... i could probably finish my coursework which i wanted to finish since about two months but ai... u know how it is, dont u... so yeah... probably wont do this, but we ll see what i can find xD


hehe...yesterday i watched "the lake house" with my hostparents... it was quiet funny cuz my hostmum did not understand a word xD ok..she missed the main part in the mittle... but she did not understand anything after the first 20 min...she was sittin there, looked at me n said... what...what is this on about? i do not understand anything loool... it was queit funny n in the end she looked at tony who watched the film the whole time... i was quiet surprised about it cuz it does not seem that she likes lovestories that much...but hey... he watched it n in the end barb looked at him n asked him if he has understand any word... but hey... he has loool... yeah... so we leave it then today we ll watch dirty dancing... queit funny.. donno why we watch so much dvds in the moment... lool.... n she said she wants 2 watch "10 things i hate about u" n i am queit surprised about it cuz it is more than a teenage romance, but hey yeah... besides i did study yesterday a bit... 4 pe... nothin really special... n i missed 2 call sandra ... ... but hey... do not mind... on the weekend i ll do a dvd-evenin with maria again... it is a long time ago since we did the last.. donno really what films we re goin 2 see but we have a this wont be a problem

what r u up 2? besides it is all quiet funny... my free lessons r queit funny n weird at the same time, like every time, 2. yeah... do u know that i date john secretly? donno about that... but hey loool... hm... yeah... n then the normal stuff lool... donno... afta lunch i have 2 lessons art... so nothin soecial 2 do... yeah... no r just about 3 weeks of school left n then we go 2 berlin this ll be queit funny i think n i am excited bout this... we ll see... so... i gonna search 4 some stuff in the internet now... so see ya guys n luv ya :-*

Oh yeah... n by the way we watch Hamlet in the moment... in English... donno bout that but it doesn't seem 2 be sooooo interestin... it was sooo long... ok... i kno that it is the longest play that has ever been written but...donno... just 2 long xD

19.01.2007 is such a nice weather 2day Really nice... but it does not look like we ve winter... it looks more like spring cuz u can also hear the birds singin n all this stuff... n it is not even cold hehe... but they say it ll be cold next week... so i won't be happy now loool... now it did nearly all my stuff but like i said it did not really do anythin 4 my coursework yesterday loool... in the evenin i watched dirty dancin with my was so funny cuz again she was singin loudly hehe... but it does not matter. so... i ve 2 go now cuz we have english n watch hamlet again.. we ll see...  but the rest of the day was kinda fun cuz we were gigglin the whole time xD hm... yeah... i ll go  xD luv ya lots n wish ya a nice weekend :-*


hey r u doin? Just wanted 2 write again was ur weekend? hopefully fine... n what did ya do? let me gues... hm... forgot what i did on friday lool xD i think nothin special... just tidyin up my room n stuff like that...oh yeah n i went 2 town 4 some min... nothin special... on saturday i slept a long time XD hehe... couldnt be bossered 2 stand up n then i studyied, went 2 town n then 2 maria n we did a dvd-evenin. we watched "the lake house" n "shakespear in love"...2 much love 4 maria xD hehe... n eileen asked us if we watch a porno as we watched "shakespear in love", we dont xD hm... yeah... so i was at about halb eleven at home.. i hate 2 go this way in the evenin but hey... i was lucky enough that the rain stopped when i went out of the bus at morrisons xD so... on sunday then i slept a long time, again xD, n then i studied the wholen day... about six hours.. yeah...really xD loool...n in the evenin i called my parents n marie i think i phoned about 2 hours loool xD

on monday then it was just school...nothin special... oh, it was...i wrote my pe exam n i think it was pretty good... we ll see but unfortunately i or we whatever have 2 wait until the end of march or april until we ll get our results... on the one hand i think it is a long time until then but hey we ll see... there is a lot 2 do until then n i even got more n more n more homeworks in the last days which is horrific... every teacher got somethin else he can give us... so yeah... a lot 2 do... we ll see

yesterday then i was even longer in school cuz we had 2 go to mr nye at about half four cuz he did a parents evenin 4 berlin 2 inform them what they can expect, what we ll do n all this stuff... it sounded pretty good n now i am even more in the mood 2 go there hehe... n our hotel has a swimming pool loool xD no... but it sounded pretty good what we r goin 2 do i am so excited loool i was at about half six at home. when i was at home there were also billy n george which ran the whole time througj the linvin room... i can tell ya that i waited the whole time to let the glass fall from the table n barb got even more angry... damn it...but it didnt happen that was good... then i was alone cuz barb went 2 barbie in the end but that was alright loool xD

hm...what else ll i do? after such a long time i am gonna go 2 the gym 2day... ll so. what r u up 2? I ll leave u 4 now luv yaaa xxx

26.01.2007 was just so hilarious yestaday... duz i was sittin with my hostmum in the livin room n she broke her googles n she was just laughin so much n i couldnt stop either... we both got after a time no breath anymore was so funny but dont ask me y it was just this situation... besides of that i did some of my pe homework...muscles... i hate latin names xD hehe... n i ve 2 learn them until next week... how great is that xD hehe... oh yeah... n billy n george where there...queit funny but it was loud, again...everybody was screamin...loool... u should ve seen the livin room... that was funny... n oh yeah... when i went home yesterday i noticed that i get my wisdom tooth...unfortunately...  great...just great... so what ll ya do now? i ve school n after that i go 2 town, to the internetcafe cuz i want 2read my mails...hope it is not like wednesday...because that was 4 nothin...fuckin pc... n then i ll meet maria n town n we go 2 the cinema 2 watch "blood diamond"..yeah... it is like u think it is hehe ...yeah...then i have 2 do some stuff 4 school...unfortunately... n tomorrow i ll meet sandra in the mornin, we go 2 town, play badminton, n she ll sleep over... yeah... that is goin 2 be my weekend...n i ll cook we ll see... hope u also ll have a nice weekend

hehe...n lunch was also so damn funny loool...doesnt really know what they did but it was hilarious xD hehe... annia ran with kat on her back through the drama hall n wanted 2 put her into the bin...but i can tell ya that it didnt really work hehe... in the end they fall over n annia was the one who was half in the bin xD hehe that was so crazy... n art 2 cuz symeon made pictures of our mouth... for god who knows... i think he didnt know it either xD


So...go on xD hehe...what did ya do on the weekend? My last days were pretty good i have 2 admit... on friday i went to the internetcafe after school cuz i had some time n after that i met maria in town, we went thru it n then we went 2 the cinema 2 watch "blood diamond" which was good like my mother said 2 me: did u have a date with leonardo" hehe xD i was home late n then i just did some stuff like dyin my hair...but no...i ve 2 admit it was not really dyin... but who cares on saturday then i got up early 2 meet sandra in town...she came at half ten we went a bit shoppin n at one 2 gl1 2 play badminton then i cooked in the evenin, we watched a dvd n all these stuff n sandra was a bit mad xD she called maria n the end...but dont mind xD it doesnt really matter xD hehe

on sunday then we watched tv n went 2 town... nothin special... n the end we were sittin in starbucks... oh...sandra was a bit confused hehe... isaid 2 her that she should go n get me a 'frappuccino vanilla' n what did she get me in the end? a 'capuccino vanilla' loool... dont mind hm...the rest of the day...after she was gone at about three i went home n just did some work... art stuff n read a bit of emma. actually i wanted to read until chapter 15 but then sebastian phoned me n we talked about 2 n an half hour so that was it 4 the day cuz i went to bed quiet soon loool xD

on monday then when i got up i opened my presents: i got a braclet (it is silver n with a heart on it...where u open n close it) n a teddy from my hostparents. in school i got a lot of cards, one cd, masks n lotion, bath pearls n stuff like that after school...after my five lessons i went 2 town n bought some boots n high ones xD hehe... after that i went home... this was kinda strange then cuz when i went into my room i saw two bags n it looked like they r from my parents... but there was nobody except of my hostmum xD... she was kinda strange loool... but i thought it was cuz of her knee cuz she hurt it on this day... some min later when i just wanted 2 show her my new boots, tony n my parents came in xD it was a surprise... so cute xD love 'em so much

it was such a nice day cuz we spoke at first then we brought them to their guest house, then back n at seven we came back to pick their up. then we went 2 barnwood n 2 a restaurant called "The Whitestone Inn"... where we spent the evenin n then we went back 2 our house n at about half ten we brought them back 2 their guest hostel. it was such a nice evenin... it was just wonderful n i was happy that they were here so that i could see them 4 one day. i got money 4 my drivers license from them n a necklace with a pic of them. it was so nice

yesterday i did nothin special...i went 2 school n then i signed out n went 2 the gym n 2 town, n then back 2 school... i just had one lesson like every tuesday in week A...grrr... but yeah...that is life hehe xD after school i just went home, wrote a letter n watched telly... then i went to bed...quiet early... n i was still tired this mornin... think it is cuz i was half-asleep the whole time n heard everythin n donno... i am a bit sick but not really... oh donno... i finish now n go 2 art.... hehe xD

today i am just doin 2 lessons of pe n after school i go with symeon 2 nothin special is goin on  c ya later xxxxxxx

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