Some stuff about me

...if u want 2 know more, ask me 

Name: Danielle

Age: 18 (29.01.1989)

Astro: Aquarius

Profile: brown hair, blue-green-grey eyes, approximately 5'6'' , normal

Sisters or brothers: none

Place: Düsseldorf,NRW, Germany but in the Moment Abbeymead, Gloucester, England

School: Beaufort Community School (sixth form) n in Germany Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium

I love/like: reading, writing letters n mails, swimming, inline skating, meeting my friends, listening to music, drawing, painting, skiing, candles, kids, holidays, traveling, flowers, my family, giggling, winter, poems, my bed xD, something special, talking, shopping, thoughts, romantic stuff, cooking, chocolate, sleeping, dreaming, stars, flying, decorations, dreams, relaxing, nature, photos, making pictures, countries, different cultures, dancing, party...n lots more loool

I hate/do not like: when somebody reacts like he/she is something special, lies, very hot summers, arguments, people you cannot trust, people without anything individual and who always do what other people want them to do and those people who do that to them, idiots, people who know everything better, rice pudding, situations where you do not know what to do, leaving people, being upset, getting hurt, getting up early, Nazis, war, when people are unpunctual, spiders, when you hurt animals...I hope that this is all looool

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